Our Team

A number of enthusiastic IT professionals established Transition Experts in 2010. The focus of Transition Experts was determined by the desire to help customers with outsourcing their IT and mainly – by applying their experience – to safeguard customers against common problems.


Rob Dekker

Rob’s commitment to projects is a common theme throughout his professional career. He has filled various roles, from project team member to transition manager and sponsor. The projects he has been involved in are characterised by great diversity of scale, scope and complexity. People he works with consider him capable, reliable, responsible and ambitious. His extensive experience helps him get new projects ‘up and running’, and to quickly identify and address potential issues. He always gets great pleasure from fulfilling stakeholders’ interests and expectations regarding a project in order to reach an optimal result.


Marcel Besteman

Marcel managed a wide variety of projects during his contract at Imtech. Further, he managed a team of system architects and database application developers for over five years. Additionally, as an independent project manager he has over ten years of experience with transition projects and international programmes, with which he gained the knowledge he uses daily during his transition projects. Marcel is a dedicated and loyal manager and demonstrates the right flexibility to achieve the agreed results within a team. His customers appreciate his enthusiasm, drive and the quality of his work. He considers it vitally important to create an atmosphere in which people are prepared to work together to perform well. A deal is a deal. When carrying out his tasks, he works with a mix and humour, creativity and decisiveness.


Dirk van Sichem

Dirk is a focussed, thorough and efficient transition manager, with and exuding an air of responsibility. His style of managing can be characterised as clear, honest and open. He considers it important to have clear and achievable goals. Other character traits and skills include loyalty, solving conflict situations, solution-oriented actions and showing leadership. According to Dirk, the most important aspects that need addressing during a transition are bringing the various interests together and striving for optimal quality.


Gert Veldhuis

GertWithin Transition Experts, Gert is responsible for our customers and professionals. He has been living and working in Germany for the last 20 years. During his career he has been involved with numerous transition projects in different functions at multiple international IT- service providers. The focus point of these projects was mainly infrastructure outsourcing, but he also has experience leading IT restructuring projects. He also has gained experience with setting up and managing internationally operating project- and transition departments. Gert’s strong suit is building and maintaining strong relationships with customers and professionals en he is more than capable of bringing together the right people based on the needs of the customer.


Jochen Korsten

Jochen has 30+ years of experience as a project and program manager for PeopleWare, IBM, ING, the Police and Getronics PinkRoccade, among others. With a background in various aspects of IT, from infrastructure and supply chain to mobility and cloud solutions, Jochen is broadly oriented. He’s specialized in transitions and transformations, change management and stakeholder management. As a project and transition manager, he has excellent methodological knowledge and knows how to find the right approach for every organization. He is honest and sincere, a real people person. Strong in building teams with the right people in the right place.


Vasilis Christopoulos

Vasilis is a results oriented project manager with 10 years of experience in IT projects. With his approach, he is able to connect customer, clients and management with technical specialists. His enthusiastic and open attitude makes him the right person to motivate his team and environment.





Lisette van Dijk

Call her office manager, flying keeper or our back office hero: Lisette ensures that everything runs smoothly in the office. A true manager, who ensures that our professionals can fully focus on their projects. She is versatile, social and accurate: whatever you give Lisette, she makes sure it works out! Her versatility is apparent from her varied range of duties: from administration and HRM to office management and sales support. Are you calling us or visiting the office? Good chance that you will meet her!


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