Our added value

Every organisation is confronted with migration and change processes in their IT environment. Consider outsourcing, splits, mergers or internal changes in business operations. A well-compiled project team is essential for a successful transition. The role of the Transition Manager is invaluable in this process, but we also supply the experience required for all other tasks to make these specific projects successful. Based on their expertise and personal skills, the professionals at Transition Experts create a support base through the entire process resulting in all parties committing to the desired goal.


We create commitment through support

When our transition managers lead the project team, this provides a number of benefits to an organisation:

  • Succesful transition – clear agreements
  • Cost management and transparancy
  • IT management – stick to what you know!

Successful transitions – clear agreements

We provide the relocation of existing IT environments to a new situation. The focus is on a successful transition in which your needs as customer are paramount. We made clear agreements in advance about which factors are important in relation to time schedules, quantity versus quality and specific needs.


Cost management and transparency

Cost management during transitions is vital yet, at the same time, highly complex. Costs are obscured since building, managing, transition, transformation and changes are interlinked. An independent party monitors the scope and allocates additional costs where they belong: “The polluter pays”. We apply tailored tools and best practices for facilitating, reporting and progress of the transition.


IT management – stick to what you know!

Generally, an organisation has to deal with management organisations. These organisations are good at the management and evolutionary development of its products and services. Conflicting interests arise if the transition is the sole responsibility of the party who will also manage the required outcome, therefore complicating efficient project completion. The ball is in the provider’s court when facilitating the transition. Yet, you (as customer) will also have a considerable role in the activities during the transition. Your IT department will experience the same problems as the provider. They manage IT and do not facilitate transitions on a daily basis. They often do not have adequate experience to create the optimal result. Our transition managers are independent and specialised in these change processes. They coordinate the process on your behalf. They know the pitfalls and areas requiring attention.

Transition Experts consists of a group of enthusiastic and experienced IT professionals focused on IT transitions, transformations and migrations. Our specialisation enables us to pool our specific professional expertise and use it for your organisation. We manage transitions and transformations from A to Z.


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