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Transition Experts values your privacy, which is why your personal data is processed at a minimum. When information is processed, this will always be in consent with the law that protects personal information and other relevant laws that protect your privacy and the privacy of your data. This means that we will only process information for justified goals.

Nonetheless, you have to be aware of the fact that you commit to the internet, which can affect your personal life. This privacy policy explains the possible consequences of using our site.

By using our website, you indicate that you have read this privacy policy and agree with the content and possible consequences this has on your use of the internet. You provide us with unambiguous and explicit consent to execute the activities as described below.

  • Transition Experts and third parties
  • What informations does Transition Experts proces and for what purpose?
  • In which cases will this information be shared with third parties?
  • How can we guarantee your privacy and the privacy of your data?
  • Viewing and correcting your personal information

Transition Experts and third parties

Transition Experts is a so-called application service provider: we offer you our software which you can use to proces your information and information of third parties on a central server. Transition Experts is obviously not the only party involved in its service. You are likely to be provided access to the internet by an internet service provider and through a telecom provider. On top of that, the information you store using the software provided by Transition Experts, will be stored on an internet server of a third party. As you could imagine, Transition Experts has no influence on possible activities that other perform with you personal data, and therefore, Transition Experts is not liable in any way.

What information does Transition Experts proces and for what purpose?

Client information

When you apply on the website of Transition Experts, you will be asked for your client details. The client information we hold included information such as the name of your organisation, contact details and the name of a contactperson. This information will be used to send invcoiced for delivered serviced and to contact you when necessary.

E-mail address

You will be asked to enter an e-mail address. This will be used to send you the login codes (username and password). This information offers you access to the website, from every computer with internet.


A cookie contains data of a visitor of a website, and they enable a website to recognise a computer during any future visits. Cookies store certain information, like password and username. You can refuse cookies by adjusting your browser settings to disable all or certain cookies.

Transition Experts uses so-called session cookies. These will be deleted automatically from your computer when you end your session. The lenght of a session can differ depending on the settings of your browser, but in general this equals the time the browser is open (even if you have left our website).


Besides your IP-address, other data is registered as well, like the kind of connection, the browser you use, the operating system on your computer and the pages that you have visited on the website. This does not include any personal information. This information is gathered by Transition Experts to improve the information on the website so that it meets the wishes and preferences of visitors. A registration of the pages that were visited the most enables Transition Experts to adjust the software to your needs. This information can also be used to track down any (technical) problems.


Transition Experts is secured against abuse of this information by third parties. Transition Experts has taken precautions in order to secure the information of its clients. We use standard online precautions, like for example authentification and coded processing. We cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information that you send us, and you do so at your own risk.

Transition Experts will take precautions to protect the information offline as well. Your information will be stored in a secured, and sealed environment. Only authorised employees who need the information in order to execute certain activities, like an administrator who takes care of the maintainance of the server and information management will be granted access to this information. Administrators will never take knowledge of the content of the information, but access to individual data is sometimes inevitable for the administrator in order to solve a problem.

In which cases will this information be shared with third parties?

The data we collect will be processed strictly confidential and will not be sold or let to third parties. In the following cases, however, the information will be shared with third parties:

When we have your persmission

When we request your permission to share data, we will inform you about the information that will be shared, to whom it will be handed over and why it will be shared. Without your permission, we will not share the mentioned information.

When the law forces us to share it

When the law states that we have to hand over your data to authorized parties.

When our company is sold or when part of the company is sold

Data that has been collected by us can be transfered when we sell (part of) our company.

How can we guarantee your privacy and the privacy of your data?

We are commited to ensuring that your information is secure against loss or any form of unjustified processing. We use suitable technical and organisational measurements to ensure this. These measurements guarantee a suitable level of security, keeping in mind the risk and costs of the execution and, looking at the risks that processing and the nature of the data bring. The measurements are partly there to prevent the unnecessary collection and process of personal data. We use coding when transferring or collecting important data.

Amendments of this privacy policy

Transition Experts reserves the right to make amendments to this privacy policy, provided that the user is informed via the website or via e-mail. Please check this privacy policy regularly for the latest version. The privacy policy can be consulted at all times

Viewing and correcting your personal information

To view, correct or delete your personal information from our database please contact us at

You can also contact us via this e-mail address when you have any questions or remarks about this privacy policy.


21 July 2011


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