Transition Experts provides high-quality services for transition projects. We are keenly aware that quality lives or dies by the people who supply these services. It is for this reason that we invest so much in the continual enhancement and expansion of our network of specialists – but what does that mean for you?


Interesting and challenging assignments
Transition Experts is the first and only independent global specialist for consultancy and implementation of IT transitions and migrations. We offer interesting and challenging assignments, often with an international allure. Our activities in Germany have helped us gain access to an even wider market. Both our brand recognition and our specialist network make these challenging assignments possible. Specialists within our network also help other to gain further assignments.
Besides individual assignments, Transition Experts also enters into framework agreements with larger clients, allowing us to offer projects that would be difficult for freelancers to access on their own.


No-one works on a Transition Experts project alone – any supervision or coaching you feel is necessary will be provided. Perhaps you would like an architect’s review, or to occasionally check in with another specialist in the course of the project? We do everything we can to deliver the highest quality for our customers, and we provide only the best support our network to achieve this.
Besides one-to-one supervision and coaching, we also organise Meet & Greet evenings and monthly socials. The goal is always the same: sharing knowledge with like-minded peers in a relaxed atmosphere.
Our specialists’ knowledge is currently stored in a book and a Wiki that is made freely available to clients and across our network. Sharing our knowledge with our clients and specialists enhances our ability to implement our projects.
We work collectively with our network to develop products for particular target groups – examples of these are Local Authorities and the healthcare industry.
The added value that our clients perceive in this makes it much easier to get round the table with corporate decision-makers who are not dependent on the purchasing department.


Keeping your qualifications up to date is of great importance in our world. We offer our network the opportunity to take training courses together with peers and renew their qualifications. This communal approach allows us to share expenses and keep prices at a fraction of their original cost, while making the training environment more enjoyable.


People and their knowledge are important, but the tools equally so. Every specialist working on a Transition Experts project has access to Office 365, which offers standard facilities such as e-mail, calendar and communication tools as well as a SharePoint environment where your project team can collaborate online. This provides a single place for important documents, task lists and planning.
Transition Experts also provides the InControl© tool for transition projects. Project teams can use this tool at no charge. It was developed by and for Transition Managers in-house and based around best practices.
Another example of best practices would be the template documents that we use for transition projects. Documents designed during earlier projects can be re-used to further develop these templates.


Further support
So far we have covered sharing knowledge and providing tools, but Transition Experts offers even more. Are you at a loss for a place to work, or do you need a space to meet or present? You can use our office facilities for this. This even includes secretarial support.


Our network is exclusive
We find it essential that our network is made up of the best, which is why we keep it exclusive. That means at least one of us must know each specialist well from earlier projects, or must have a good impression of your talents in another way. This allows us all to say: “When you need the best, you go to Transition Experts!”


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